Arles | Arelate | France

Gallic and Greek history; a leading city of the Roman province Gallia Narbonensis; major port along the Rhône river; the amphitheater is well-preserved and the theater and circus still partly visible

Pleiades Gazetteer: 148217






obelisk from circus

Arles Archaeological Museum | Musée Départemental Arles Antique

Underwater excavations in the Rhône river have yielded ancient wooden boats and many sculptures, including a controversial marble portrait of Caesar (not everyone agrees with the identification) and bronze sculptures of a captive and a victory personified. These sculpture are often away in traveling exhibitions.

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plan of Arles

model of Arles

model of the amphitheater

model of the circus

boat from the Rhône river

Augustus statue from the theater

Neptune statue

altar for Bona Dea

relief sculpture with dancer

relief sculpture with two men

relief sculpture with weapons

relief sculpture with soldiers

sculpture depicting a bound captive

Medea funerary statue

sarcophagus of Julia Tyrannia (with musical instruments)

Aion mosaic

map of theaters, amphitheaters, and circuses in the Gallic and German provinces

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