Baia | Baiae | Italy

Greek history; luxurious Roman resort with hot springs and spas on the Bay of Naples; Roman bath complexes with innovative concrete domes

Pleiades Gazetteer: 432716 

Parco Archeologico Campi Flegrei (official website in Italian): Baia

Underwater archaeological park (official website in Italian): Baia Sommersa

Amanda Ruggeri, "Baiae: A Roman Settlement at the Bottom of the Sea," BBC, 13 July 2020.

Angela Giuffrida, "Tourists marvel at ancient Rome’s party town, now buried by the sea,"  Guardian, 30 October 2021.


view of Baia

view from Baia

Punta Epitaffio

Villa San Gallo

Aragonese Castle

"Temple of Diana"

"Temple of Venus"

"Temple of Mercury"

Baia Archaeological Museum | Museo Archeologico dei Campi Flegrei

Regional museum displaying sculptures from Baia and Pozzuoli

website | virtual tour of sculptures from the Punta Epitaffio nymphaeum

model of the bay

Shields and Caryatids from Pozzuoli's Rione Terra

sculptures from Pozzuoli's Rione Terra

statue from Pozzuoli's port

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