Córdoba | Corduba | Colonia Patricia | Spain

Tartesian history; capital of the Roman province Hispania Baetica; on the Guadalquivir river and the Via Augusta

Pleiades Gazetteer: 256128

UNESCO: Historic Centre of Córdoba

Arqueo Córdoba: digital reconstruction video and image galleries

Online Coins of the Roman Empire: Córdoba mint


plan of Córdoba

bridge over the Guadalquivir river



amphitheater site

theater (in the basement of the museum)

Córdoba Archaeological Museum | Museo Arqueológico de Córdoba

Archaeological museum with finds from the city and the region; in a building above the Roman theater, which can be visited in the basement

Website | Google Arts and Culture

Crouching Venus statue

nude male statue

togate statue

draped female statue

victory keystone

personification relief sculptures

model of the temple

Celtic silver torques and fibulae

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