Hadrian's Wall and Frontier Forts | England

Celtic history; a Roman frontier zone with a fortified wall system; maintained and guarded by soldiers from all over the empire

Pleiades Gazetteer: 91358

UNESCO: Frontiers of the Roman Empire

English Heritage: Guide to visiting the wall

Model of Hadrian's Wall

Great North Museum, Newcastle

South Shields | Arbeia

Not directly on the wall, but guarding the frontier where the Tyne river meets the sea; with reconstructed gate and quarters; site museum displays the famous tombstones of Regina and Victor

Pleiades Gazetteer: 89104

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum website

Roman Britain: Arbeia entry

remains of the fort

reconstructed gate

reconstructed commander's residence

model of the fort

tombstone for Regina

tombstone for Victor

Chesters | Cilurnum

Fort guarding the wall's passage across the North Tyne river; well-preserved at ground level, with two bath complexes; site museum dispays dedications by the Roman frontier's residents

Pleiades Gazetteer: 89144

English Heritage: Chesters Roman Fort and Museum

Roman Britain: Cilurnum (Chesters) Fort entry

relief plan of the site, with the square fort, a segement of Hadrian's Wall, and the external bath complex


strongroom with vaulted stone ceiling

Commander's residence with heating system (warm air circulated beneath the raised floors)

bath complex inside the fort, also with raised floors for heating

the warm room (caldarium) in the second bath complex (between the fort and the river)

Hadrian's Wall approaching the North Tyne river

statue of Juno at the museum

dedications to the Nymphs and the goddess Covventina at the museum

altars and religious sculptures at the museum

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