amphitheater at Nîmes

arch monument at Rimini

Welcome to the companion website for Destinations in Mind: Portraying Places on the Roman Empire's Souvenirs, a ten-year research project that culminated with a book published in 2021. On this website you will find bonus content, links to online resources, and over a thousand photographs.

Quick Start Guide: Click on any image to reach higher resolutions, related views, and linked data. To see how that works, try clicking on the amphitheater at Nîmes (left) or the arch monument at Rimini (right). All of my photos have a CC BY-NC license, meaning that they are free to use for papers, presentations, and academic publications.

Organization: In addition to the searchable image collection, there are three sections of content, which can be accessed from the menu icon in the upper right corner (look for the three parallel lines). The "Book" section organizes resources by case study and chapter.  "Destinations" has bonus views of places mentioned in the case studies. "Behind the Scenes" offers glimpses of my travels and research. For more tips, see the User's Guide.

Whether you are a travel enthusiast, a student seeking new horizons, a teacher preparing for class, or a specialist looking for a particular view, I hope that these resources will help you see the Roman Empire in a new light.

Last update: 11 May 2022