Lyon | Lugdunum | France

Gallic history; capital of the Roman province Gallia Lugdunensis; at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers; well-preserved odeum, theater, and amphitheater

Pleiades Gazetteer: 167717

Online Coins of the Roman Empire: Lugdunum mint



odeum (left) and theater (right)

view across the odeum to the theater


theater and archaeological museum (the long concrete building)

view of the theater from the archaeological museum

Lyon Archaeological Museum | Musée et Théâtres Romains

Major archaeological museum with finds from the region, in a modernist concrete building overlooking the well-preserved theater and odeum

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model of Lyon

model of the theater and odeum

inscriptions from the amphitheater

gladiator cup

Chrysippus gladiator cup mold

circus mosaic

Dionysus mosaic

Victory sculpture from the theater

view of the museum

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