Mérida | Augusta Emerita | Spain

Vettones history; capital of the Roman province Hispania Lusitania; on the Guadiana river; the theater, amphitheater, and circus are among the empire's best preserved

Pleiades Gazetteer: 256155

UNESCO: Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida

Online Coins of the Roman Empire: Emerita mint (the most famous series has a city gate, also featured on Google Arts and Culture).


Los Milagros aqueduct

Rabo de Buey-San Lázaro aqueduct


model of the circus displayed on site



"Arch of Trajan," entrance to the provincial forum

"Temple of Diana" in the colonial forum

reconstructed portico with shields and caryatids


Mérida Archaeological Museum | Museo Nacional de Arte Romano (MNAR)

Major archaeological museum with finds from the city and region

website | collections search | Google Arts and Culture

museum deisgned by Rafael Moneo

bronze relief sculpture with plan of Mérida at the museum's entrance

model of Mérida

shields and caryatids from portico

hunt paintings from the amphitheater

sculptures from the theater's stage building

Bay Bottle on display

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