Nîmes | Nemausus | France

Gallic history; a leading city of the Roman province Gallia Narbonensis; the temple (Maison Carrée), amphitheater (Les Arènes), and gate (Porte d'Auguste) are among the empire's best preserved; on the Via Domitia

Pleiades Gazetteer: 148142

Online Coins of the Roman Empire: Nemausus mint (the most famous series features a crocodile and palm tree, which has become a modern emblem for the city).


amphitheater (Les Arènes)

line of the wall behind the Musée de la Romanité

gate (Porte de France)

gate (Porte d'Auguste)

temple (Maison Carrée)

Nîmes Archaeological Museum | Musée de la Romanité

Opened in 2018, the new museum houses the city's extensive archaeological collection

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the museum, across the street from the amphitheater

the museum's interior

Gallic relief sculpture with severed heads

Gallic statue with shield

milestones of Augustus and Antoninus Pius

map of the Via Domitia

placenames inscribed on a small column pedestal

fragment of a circus cup

statue and fountain depicting Neptune

fresco painting with a seated male figure in the central panel

mosaic depicting the death of Pentheus

Altar for Jupiter Heliopoltianus and Nemausus dedicated by a soldier from Beirut

funerary dedication for Licinia Flavilla and Sextus Adgennius Macrinus

draped female statue somtimes identified as Antonia Minor

remains from the fountain sanctuary reinstalled at the museum

funerary statues from Beaucaire, near Nîmes

mosaic from Brignon, near Nîmes, in a reconstructed bedroom

Architectural Models at the Museum

digitized model of Nîmes

interactive model of the Maison Carrée

interactive model of the amphitheater

interactive model of the fountain sanctuary

view of cork models

cork model of the Maison Carrée

cork model of the amphitheater

cork model of Rome's Colosseum

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